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  ChrisXradio airs weeknights from 8-10pm CST on AM 1070, "The Answer" in Houston, Tx.   Broadcast live from Studio X at an undisclosed location, ChrisXradio brings a gift beyond price that is almost free...  The Spirit of Talk Radio!  This interactive program covers everything from politics, to the current issues that invade our airwaves.  Broadcast live each weeknight, Chris X takes on all the issues that stem from both sides of the political battlefield... 

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                                                                 Weeknights 8-10pm CST
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  Chris X
  is the Mystery man behind ChrisXradi
o and TalkBack Weekend.  He got his start at a local T.V. News Station where he quickly moved into radio to help launch Houston's only Business Radio Station.  After hosting the Public Affairs program, he graduated to co-hosting the highly-rated Afternoon drive-time show Streettalk.  This program quickly climbed into syndication where Chris X became infamous for not only his moniker, but his opinions as well. After hosting nationally-syndicated Talkback Weekend for over a decade, AM-1070 "The Answer" in Houston decided to bring Chris X to the airwaves evenings at 8pm for a fresh, "Live and Local" perspective!

Each weeknight Chris X invites callers to join him in a dialogue that sometimes gets heated, but always entertains.  ChrisXradio takes a unique look at our world and all of the issues that drive the sociological environment that we call "Americana." Even though the debate is often fierce, humor and quick wit is what keeps ChrisXradio far from mundane.  The revolution begins weeknights at 8 on ChrisXradio and it will not be televised...  only heard.

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